Caravan Upholstery

Caravan Upholstery

The Leaders in Leisure Upholstery

Caravans, motorhomes, and boats are more than just vehicles. Those who own these luxuries love them just like a pet or a family member. We know you want the best for them, and when it comes to upholstery and re-upholstery, we bring you the best you can get!

Riviera stands as one the most trusted names in caravan upholstery, mattresses, and re-upholstery all across the UK mainland. We cater to clients who are very particular about their caravans, motor homes, or boats. We have nearly three decades of experience dressing these luxury vehicles and homes for you. We specialize in upholstery for caravans both static and touring ones. Our clients range from professional caravans and motor home decorators as well as the owners of such vehicles.

We also offer mattresses and furniture for caravan and motorhomes.

A Magnificent Work of Art

When it comes to caravan upholstery, Riviera understands it not just as a form of art but also the science involved in it. With a wide variety of extravagant and high-quality fabric, we take into account the aesthetic appeal and the perfect balance of colours and light. We help you choose colours and options that play up the look while making the space look bigger, airy, and bright throughout the day. The result is a welcoming and wonderful space that feels cosy, comfy, and luxurious.

The Best Quality with Great Value

At Riviera, we maintain our lead in caravan upholstery and re-upholstery industry not just through our high quality products, but through the value we add to that quality. The value comes from our customer-centric approach customer-friendly prices. We guarantee the most competitive rates you can get online. You can find plenty of clearance stock at amazing discounts.

Moreover, we make it much easier for our customers to choose and order online.  Browse through our collection, choose what you like, and order away!

If you have any unique requirement, feel free to contact us through our contact form and our team will get back to you with an appropriate solution.


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